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Proofreading & Editing Services in Dublin

Proofreading and Copy Editing in Dublin

Welcome to the premier proofreading service in Ireland. My name is Michael and I run 

I started offering proofreading services in 2010 and over the years I have built a reputation as a reliable, confidential and meticulous proofreader. I have helped many hundreds of students with essays, dissertations and theses, ensuring that their document reads professionally and is academically correct.

I am considered by many to run the best proofreading service in Ireland and have grown largely through word-of-mouth. I have edited and proofread academic documents including PhDs, Master's and research reports spanning all subject areas. In the corporate sphere I have worked with companies such as
Lidl Ireland, Pillar Healthcare and the Professional Development Service for Students.

I specialise in editing and proofreading theses and dissertations. The quality of the language and grammar can affect your mark by as much as 10%. Don't waste marks needlessly.

A sample of documents I have recently proofread and edited:

-‘Nobly and Well’: Secondary school teaching in Ireland 1878-2010
-Considering Citizenship Education: A Conceptual Approach to Planning for Citizenship Education within a Higher Level Educational Environment.

-Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy Systems: An Overview of Life Cycle Results
-A Critical Review of the Potential Benefits and Challenges of BIM for FM with an Emphasis on Offices

What I check for:

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice
  • Academic tone 
  • Academic style

More about my experience and qualifications: 

My name is Michael and I have 11 years of proofreading experience with a post-graduate degree in English Literature. Find out more about me here

Let me purge your writing of grammar and spelling mistakes and poor punctuation. 
What can you expect?
  • Fast turn around times 
  • Meticulous, friendly and professional service
  • Affordable rates

Have a look around my website for more proofreading information.Although I am based in Dublin, I work with clients all over Ireland and overseas.

Payments are in Euro by bank transfer.

This is how proofreading will improve your document (click to enlarge):

When you contact me, please let me know: 
1) the word count of the document 
2) the subject 
3) when you need it back

Go to our 'Contact' page for a contact form.

Contact me today for a competitive quote.

Frequently Asked Questions about my proofreading service

How do you make changes?

I use the 'Track changes' feature in Word.

How long will it take?

A thesis of 20,000 words will take 3-4 days and a doctorate will take between 6-8 days.

Do I have to sit down with you while you proofread?

No that is not necessary, we liaise with each other by email or phone.

Do you make format and layout changes?

No I do not change margins, change or add tables or alignment.

What happens if you are not familiar with the subject matter?

I have ample experience in the Humanities and areas of Science and Technology. Proofreading does not require a deep understanding of the subject matter, but copy editing may, in which case I will contact you if I have any questions.

How do I pay?

By bank deposit in an Irish account. If you are overseas I accept Paypal.

Do you offer extra fast turn around times?

Yes I do. If you need a thesis proofread in two days or less there is an slight additional charge.

I don't speak English well can you write my thesis for me?

I am afraid I offer proofreading and editing services ONLY, I do not write theses.

How can I send my thesis to you?

By email or with Google Docs or Dropbox if the document is too large to send by email.


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