Happy new year!

2024 is quite a big year for me, it is the year I turn 40! (whew, can’t believe I said that). Proofreading has taken me on an incredible journey and I have owned Proofreading-Copyediting-Ireland since 2011. I still remember very well the first ever enquiry I got through PCI. It must have been early summer because I was sitting in the sun having lunch by the canal. I worked at Populis (now defunct) at the time, in Barrow Street, Dublin 4. I have never looked back and proofreading really has led me to much much bigger and better things than I could have realised all those years ago. I am forever grateful.

I thought it was time to drag it in to the new century with a new site design. This year I will also launch reference format checking and also document formatting (list of figures, table of contents etc). Otherwise my PhD and academic proofreading services in Ireland will remain the same. Get in touch with me today for quote!

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